aidyMatic Apps Live Status update!

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aidyMatic Apps Live Status update!

17/JUL/2021 - Server migration in progress. 

Its an expensive hobby, so I have decided to DELETE! 2 servers that handled API and database systems (as i have restored my data on my new server!) only to find some cockup with php versions, and lots of broken PHP! Crap! FireDL seems to be working as expected, but LazyTV is BROKEN! so

FireDL - site - working - here

FireDL - app - working (NOT android 11 compatable.) yet!


LazyTV - site - Down! (it was working fine, and just broke!) 

LazyTV - app - DOWN! (As Above) - site - DOWN! (I seem to have lost it... )

PLaY - Genesis - DOWN! (Archived...)

PLaY - SNES - DOWN! (Archived...)