Lidl Silvercrest Smart Plug

Lidl have made some very affordable smart home products that integrate with Philips Hue.

Lidl Silvercrest Smart Plug

This £7.99 Smart plug from Lidl, works the same as Hue's £29.99 smart plug! Both are added as lights in Hue's app, and once its added, It can be controlled via Google or Alexa just the same as your normal Hue products! Alexa! Turn on Christmas.... ;) The small sized ZigBee 3, smart plug is suitable for loads up to a maximum of 3120W and not exceeding 13 Amps so can be used to control extension blocks bearing in mind the above maximum loads.

We have now turned our £20 kettle to a smart kettle! Fill it up before you go to bed, press down the boil switch, and press the power button on the smart plug so the kettle is ON, but powered off!! We get up at 6:45 to a seconds from boiling kettle! more time to drink coffee! ;)

You can use it to control any on/off device like lamps, Christmas lights etc. all the things that just come on when plugged in. Some devices like kettles require a little more effort, and a change in routine! So basically, you need to Fill the kettle, place it on the base, press down the boil lever and unplug or turn it off (if it’s a switched socket).

If the boil lever stays down you’re a WINNER! And now have a smart kettle!

if it pops up then, sorry your kettle is not suitable for a smart plug...