Lazy Movie server anyone?

Update on the movie server...

Following on from the [home movie server post] All done in B4J, NOT all my code! I bought 2 apps, with a view to merging them, this is how it’s going.

So far the server app looks quite complex but I can grasp bits of it. I have managed to change the colour (lol) it’s a mix of b4j, html, and some other crap. The html is the template for the page and tiles, and b4j fills in the live data. The page also works online if you want to serve the internet! [This code blah]

The scraper is basically all my GUI, and it’s quite quick, I cannot work out how to make the description update unless I click the image though! Which makes auto scraping impossible lol! So that needs looking at. This code for B4J was from this link. [To do]

The idea is that you will have 1 folder of nicely named mp4 movies! read folder would clear the database, and fill it with the data produced by the above app, The movies would then appear on a webpage and could be viewed on anything with a modern browser.