Lazy TV is back!

Install apps! Play video! In one easy-to-use interface. its Lazy TV

Lazy TV is back!
Lazy TV is back!

Download and install apps , or link and play mp4 videos on most Android devices (Not forgetting Windows 11's WSA!)
Install, Launch & Uninstall APKs with ease. More features to come... Defaults to my test channel with my own personal favorite apps!

signing up for an account may show success or nothing or end up back at login page! (its random i have no clue...)

GUI, still has cursor issues, pressing right twice will bring control to the main icons. 

USAGE Ideas...
Create a channel and add your own apks, then tell your friends the channel number and password! (Hoping to simplify this soon!)

Features in progress...
Add app by FireDL code, or app name! :-)


APK link may show up as a VIRUS!!! DO NOT WORRY, As its a new program, with powerful features, Android is unsure and playing it safe. Just Allow the program (The more people do this the less the message will appear in future.)

The app is my own personal app; I wrote it for myself. If it makes my device explode! I don't care! if you don't care either! you can download the .apk file here or use the Downloader code 894581, Any problems, I have this help group on facebook. Tested on Android 11 & Windows 11.

Current Version 0.0700
Installed app detection, has been minimised to give a realistic reflection of apps installed. Check on launch, Check on resume, check every 20 seconds. in order to look at background changes. Also changed the order on launch to check after loading the data.  :-)

So, its alive again...

Basically I have no idea what this app wants to be! It was/is the STRE@M replacement. But im stuck on various parts (dont forget this is just a hobby!) Any feedback appreciated (use the comments box below!) Ideally you should create your own "CHANNEL" (to see if it becomes a buzzword on facebook! LOL) The site is basic! but works!?