FireDLs beta is available to download NOW!

FireDLs for Windows PC. connect & sideload your local Android TV devices with ease. early beta available now.

FireDLs beta is available to download NOW!

FireDLs... server

Control, and sideload your Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield (or any other Android device #extraworkneeded!) with this early beta of my new app for Windows PC. FireDLs is a connected ADB GUI! Currently it has limited features, but its early days!!!! 


On your Fire TV or NVIDIA Shield Turn on ADB Debugging. You can do the same with an Android Phone or Tablet, or TV box. BUT you must first connect them to the PC via USB!?!?! (i think, security!) This app doesn't currently support that but basically plug it in (some USB adapter may be required.) once the PC is authorized via adb (command prompt) you can use this app via IP address.

Find the IP address of the device.

Enter the IP address in the top box, leave port at 5555 and press connect. (you can connect to many IP addresses at once, enter the IP press & connect!, then change the IP address text to direct the commands!!!)

A message SHOULD say connected!?

If not your device may be asking for ADB permission have a physical (you may have to walk!) look!!!! and accept. (non Shield, Fire devices need to connect via USB initially!)

Once connected you can control, and see (if you tick auto screengrab) for a screenshot of your device. This is OK to do a quick task, but for anything more I recommend scrcpy (in the dropdown menu & press Go!) as that is almost real time!

You can also still use the on screen remote with the scrcpy window open. (back, home etc.) as well as your PC mouse & keyboard!

Main Features...

Install an .apk file
simply pick your .apk and it will install the to the selected device. (selected device is always the IP address typed in the first box (even if its invalid!!))

Batch install .apk files from a folder
Simply select a folder that contains your .apk files (And only APK files!! I have not done any error checking yet, and it will try to install anything it finds!)

Reboot your connected device!

Features in progress...

FireDL codes
Enter a FireDL code and it will download and install or whatever, hopefully adding batch downloads, as well as multi support.

(depending on YOUR device and the content of the download, this may be executed on either or both devices.)

Movie Server
A simple webserver app, to serve YOUR OWN movies on a webpage! Add mp4 files to a common folder and they will be shown on a pretty webpage. You can load the page & watch the movies on any device with a modern web browser (Echo Show for example). In tests, its usually fast & reliable, I have had around 6 devices playing the same or a different movie all at least 720p.

Declutter Device
This is just an idea but basically it will try to uninstall everything it can! Used in conjunction with Batch install, you could uninstall as much as possible, and then reinstall what you need, in less than 2 minutes! 

USAGE Ideas...

TeamViewer your gran! I’m a hobby coder, this app uses ADB and gives more control than I can muster in Android. I’m sure some way exists, but until then we MUST use a PC! (Maybe Linux, and possibly mac, but only if I can execute ADB commands from shell... using B4A! (=no!)). Surely everyone has a windows PC!? Plus, Android 11's new security features, that basically lock some important folders for coders! and inevitably the end user. ADB however still has access to these folders on Android 11, and hopefully beyond. 

Start a movie, install & update apps, from the comfort of your PC!

Control your device's with full size keyboard & mouse using scrcpy*.

*scrcpy is a free Open source project see for more information.


Microsoft currently flags FireDLs as a servere virus!!! DO NOT WORRY, As its a new program, with powerful features, windows is unsure and playing it safe. Just Allow the program (The more people do this the less the message will appear in future.)  

The app is my own personal app; I wrote it for myself. If it makes my PC explode! I don't care! if you don't care either! you can download the .zip file here. unzip it to a convenient location (I use my desktop), open the resulting folder and run the FireDLs.exe. (adb debugging must be enabled on any device you wish to connect to.) Any problems, I have this help group on facebook. Tested on Windows 11 64bit. 


0.25 Better GUI layout and auto app listing on changing the control device. also remove IP (removes all IPS!!!) 

0.24 Fixed Batch install 

0.23 Rudimentary IP saving. Now saves aliases and IP addresses (Please note the remove IP button does not work!)

0.22 Initial release


Google removed the Shell ADB command from the OS starting at Android 6, time to look for my old devices.

Did anyones PC explode?