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Home Movie Server

So this is interesting... I have been playing with this B4J source code I bought for $15 lol (3x projects), it may look like a poor movie app, but the content is your own media, hosted on your home PC, meaning you could watch movies, buffer free on ANY device in your home with a web browser! tested on iOS, PC, Amazon (Everything, including echo shows!) Its basically a Windows (java executable) it starts a server on your PC, and just serves movies. It's ideal as they should then just play on any web browser connected to your network.

Technical stuff below only read if your interested in coding.....

B4J is a FREE developer tool and is easy to use. They also make one for Android also FREE and iOS paid!
Start here https://www.b4x.com/b4j.html

The Source code is also avaiable here.

The Source although fully working out of the box, is lacking a way to add movies, so basically you find files 0.dat, 1.dat and so on, each contains a listing for a certain movie, along with links to the DVD cover ect. On launching the server it reads the .dat files and adds them to a database. WHICH NOW MEANS ANY CHANGES TO THE .dat FILES WILL BE IGNORED IN FUTURE!!!!!! (just delete the database)

Currently adding movies is a nightmare. You have to enter all the info manually for each movie. But I also saw someone with source code for a movie scraper app. I asked the authour about it and he just gave me the code, which seems to instantly give all the movie info for any movie you tell it. ;)

More to follow....