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FREE Cash Draw! How & Why?

HOW can it be FREE?
Basically my apps & site are all sponsored by adverts, these adverts generate a small amount of money for being displayed in my apps and on my website. If someone clicks the adverts they make a lot more. This mix of views and clicks covers the cost of running the site, and I can put some aside to give away as CASH! Hence I can give a cash prize away for free!

HOW does it work?
So as a hobby programmer, I was looking into making some sort of online competition system, this is the first experiment. and is useful to me as it will give me live users to work with. Everything is very crude at the moment, and involves a few manual operations by myself, but the current flow is:

You enter a few details on the page and they are added to a database.

Currently I manually (yes at midnight) run an Windows program that selects a random line from the database with a basic SQL command :


Whilst that is OK, to me its a bit fast, and im not sure how random it is, So in code, I pick a random number in this case 278 was selected, and then run the above command that many times.

The Draw app currently looks like this
In order to do a live draw & not to give peoples email addresses out I clip the part off, and then trim some characters from the start and end of the result so my email of is only displayed as "id" Also I dont show the last name. As the days progress, I will get it to start automatically, and maybe video itself, then clear the database, but for now all that is manual! (maybe I should do the draw earlier!)
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